Juice Bar Solutions

We can help you reach your goal of opening a juice and smoothie concept anywhere.
Juice Bar Solutions offers the experience, contacts, expertise, and systems to help you open your juice or fusion concept quickly and easily. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel when JBS is available to help walk you through the process of opening your store. JBS will help you avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes saving you both time and money. Whether you purchase the Essentials Package, Essentials Plus Package, or the Custom Package you can be sure you will accelerate your learning curve. You never have a second chance to make a first impression – Let Juice Bar Solutions help you put your best foot forward.
Juice and Smoothie Bar Consulting is working with clients all over the world.

We offer three unique packages of consulting services:


The Essentials Package

Our Essentials Package INCLUDES Starting & Operating a Juice & Smoothie Bar Consulting. The Essentials includes a written information package plus unlimited phone & email support in addition we always take care of your menu, recipes, equipment list & layout. We also customize the operating systems to fit your menu etc.
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Essentials Plus

The Essentials Plus Package  INCLUDES the Essentials Package PLUS two days in San Francisco for “hands-on” training and the juice bar tour.
The training is done on a 1 to 1 basis and NOT in a classroom format. You can choose the dates that are best for you, and we will schedule both the training and the “juice bar tour”.
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Custom Package

The Custom Package is for existing retailers who want to add a smoothie program. Juice Bar Solutions clients who have purchased this package include fitness centers, tanning salons, health food stores, colleges, hospitals, and all types of food service concepts including coffee shops, bagel stores, Ice cream & yogurt stores, quick service and full service restaurants, etc…
The Custom Package is also a good choice for people who want to serve smoothies from a cart/kiosk or mobile venue.
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Why Juice and Smoothie Bars Remain Solid Investments


Consumer demand for quick, healthy food fuels $2.45 billion smoothie market
Smoothie sales increased 139 percent from 2002 and are projected to increase another 68 percent by 2010.
More than 4,400 retail locations serve smoothies
Made-to-order smoothies—prepared on-site at smoothie bars, health clubs, even doughnut shops—account for 95% of total smoothie sales
Target customers are integrating health into their lifestyles
Smoothies are showing up everywhere …coffee houses, fast food outlets, airports, college campuses, grocery stores, fitness centers, fast-casual restaurants, frozen yogurt stores, etc.
By providing add-in powdered supplements-boosts, smoothie retailers attract the growing ranks of consumers who perceive that they have specific “functional” needs ranging from enhancing their immune system to getting a quick energy boost.


In 2007, the functional beverage market (including smoothies) reached $9.8 billion
Around one in three consumers who purchase functional drinks do so for the health benefits that functional beverages promise like heart heath, heightened immunity, digestive benefits and weight management
Sales of energy drinks rose 600% during 2002-2007
Sales of energy drinks are forecast to rise 284% during 2007-2012
Getting good nutrition is the top reason for drinking functional beverages
Coffee based blended beverages can become functional beverages by adding powdered supplement-boosts
Supplement-boosts are also known as “boosters,” “enhancers,” “chargers,” “shots”